Posted by: svwindward | 2016-04-27

Spring Race #2 Results

Ahoy WLSC Sailors!

20 racers attended the Racing Rules Clinic on Saturday morning.  Wayne Catoe and myself covered many of the basic rules of sailing and we had a good exchange with the racers.  Thanks to Wayne for his presentation and the props that he provided.

Later in the afternoon, we had a really good turnout of 15 captains and crew for the 2nd race of the Spring Series.  It proved to be a challenging race due to variable and tricky wind conditions.  Northwest winds of about 5 kts got the racers started to the dam, followed by very light to non-existent winds on the return leg to the pin.  Marc Nachman of the A-Racers fleet took the lead of the whole fleet by this time and then increased his lead on the way to the island in winds that seemed to change directions almost every minute.  Winds on the return leg varied from very light to a very brisk 8-10 kts.  A long and challenging race, but it was just nice to out racing again.

Congrats to Marc Nachman and crew on the Olsen 30 for winning 1st place in the A-Racer class!  They finished in an impressive elapsed time of 1:29:32.  Congrats also to Wayne Catoe and crew on the Hunter 30 for capturing 2nd place under light wind conditions, and also to Skip Greene and crew for taking 3rd place, even after trying to fly the spinnaker on the second leg.  Billy Becker actually came in 4th place; I apologize to Billy and Skip for the incorrect announcement on the deck after the race.

Congrats to my crew on our Catalina 30 for capturing 1st place in PC-Class 2, after catching a nice lift up the middle of the lake on the final leg from the island mark.  Congrats to Clarke Lucas for single-handling his Balboa 26 and being the first to round each of the 4 marks in the PC Class and in earning 2nd place.  And another good performance by John Middaugh and crew on the final leg to earn 3rd place on his Catalina 30.

And congrats to first-time WLSC racer Warren Lamb and crew for capturing 1st place in the PC-Class 3 on his O’Day 27! 

Attached are the WLSC_Race-Results_2016-Spring-2 for the race.

Thanks much to Jeff and Laura Arnfield for the excellent job on Committee Boat duties, and to Wayne Catoe, Marc Nachman, Skip Green and Tony Catoe for assisting with setting/retrieving marks.  And special thanks to Jimmie Carroll and Tony Catoe for grilling the delicious BBQ pork chops for the pot luck dinner after the race.

NEXT SERIES RACE: 2:00pm Saturday May 7, preceded by a Skipper’s meeting at 1:00pm.  

Still hoping to see more racers participate in the new PC-Class 3.  Let’s get 15-20 racers on the lake for the next race! 

Fair winds to you,

Dave Gurysh

WLSC Race Captain


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