Posted by: svwindward | 2016-05-18

May 21-22: Gary Jobson, races, raftup

Ahoy WLSC Sailors!

This is a reminder of two (2) presentations by world-class sailor Gary Jobson to be held on the deck this Saturday:

Saturday, May 21

  • A “Race Clinic” by Gary Jobson (for adults & junior sailors):  1:30pm on the deck
  • Followed by the “Main Event” presentation by Gary Jobson:    3:00pm on the deck
  • You will need a Main Event ticket to attend the Race Clinic, so if you haven’t bought your ticket yet, contact Anita Remme  asap.

There are also two (2) WLSC races this weekend:

Saturday May 21:  “Blue Moon Race”

  • Skipper’s meeting:   8:00pm, on the docks 
  • Race Start Time:       9:00pm
  • Jeff Arnfield will conduct this staggered-start pursuit race. The course will be announced at the skipper’s meeting.
  • Full moon or not, it will be dark! Make sure your boat’s nav lights are functional and legal, and in the interests of safety, consider strapping on the ol’ PFD for this one.
  • Can’t get enough? Following the race there will be an informal overnight raft up.

Sunday May 22:  “4th Spring Series Race”

  • Skipper’s meeting:   1:00pm, on the docks
  • First horn for race:   2:00pm 
  • Ed and Sue Lockett serving as Committee Boat
  • If you are interested in crewing on a boat, just show up at the Skipper’s meeting at 1pm and we will find a boat for you to crew on.
  • After the race, stay for hamburgers and hotdogs with potluck salads/sides/desserts on the deck!

Looking forward to seeing you at these exciting WLSC events this weekend,

Dave Gurysh
WLSC Race Captain

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