Posted by: svwindward | 2016-05-24

WLSC: Anchoring Clinic and Raftup, May 29

WLSC: Anchoring Clinic and Raftup Sunday, May 29

Cruise Captain Jeff Arnfield will conduct an informal anchoring clinic on the Lakeshore Marina sailboat dock this Sunday, May 29, at 11 AM.  We will discuss equipment, technique, and a few of the challenges in effectively anchoring on Watauga lake. The clinic will run about an hour, but could be shorter or longer depending upon interest and participation.  Come on and hone those skills for this summer’s sailing (and overnighting) season.

Later on Sunday, following the afternoon photo shoot (you saw the Commodore’s email, right? Pics Sunday at 4 PM?), Windward will host a raft up at Sandy Beach (location tentative), the cove on the north shore directly across from the marina. While you are welcome to raft off of another boat without dropping your own hook, this is a perfect opportunity to practice your anchoring skills. If you want some hands-on help getting set and secured, Jeff (and perhaps other volunteers) can come aboard to assist with anchoring, backing down and rafting up.

The overnight is SAG/AW/BYOE – Show-and-Go, All Weather, Bring Your Own Everything.  You know the drill: bring dinner, beverages, breakfast, personal kit, kids, etc.  Besides your anchor and rode (if you have them), you’ll want at least 4 dock lines and a couple of fenders. An all-around white anchor light is a nice touch, too. Working channel VHF 68.

Questions?  Get with Jeff at, or 423-647-2671

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