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Spring Series results!

Ahoy WLSC Racers!

We had a fun and active Spring Racing Series with 20 different captains and their crew racing and a total of 48 boats going to the starting line in the 4 races.  We had 2 races with light winds in April and 2 racs with brisk-heavy winds in May, so mother nature provided a good test of racing skills; and the mountain effects threw in lots of variability too!

Participation of the PC-Class 2 was excellent with 8 captains very active in racing.  And 4-5 racers in the A-Racer class typically went to the starting line which was good.  Only 2 racers from the new PC-Class 3 raced more than once in the Spring, so hopefully this class will become more active in the Fall after sailing on the lake all Summer.  Thank you to all the captains, co-captains, and their crew for coming out to race; it was especially neat to see some new faces and new boats out racing.

FYI, to be eligible for a Series Racing award at the Awards/Dinner meeting in November a captain needs to have raced at least 3 times in a Spring or Fall Series, or at least 2 times racing plus 1 time serving as Committee Boat in a Spring or Fall Series.

Now for the Overall Results for the 2016 Spring Series:

Congratulations to the following captains and their crew who finished in the top 3 places in their racing class this Spring!

A-Racers:                                                 Boat                             Spring Batting Avg. 
                                                                                                           (Best 3 of 4 races)
1st                   Wayne Catoe                  Hunter 30                     .923
2nd                  Marc Nachman             Olson 30                        .800
3rd                   Billy Becker                    Catalina 27                  .700
4th                   Tony Catoe                        Pearson 30                   .400
                        Skip Green                         J-27                                (a)
                        James Little                       Holder 20                      (a)
                        Pat Pritchett                      Holder                            (a)

PC-Class 2:
1st                   Dave Gurysh                    Catalina 30                   .923
2nd                  Clarke Lucas                   Balboa 26                      .882
3rd                   Jeff Arnfield                   Chrysler 26                   .818
4th                   John Middaugh                Catalina 30                    .667
5th                   Mike Farthing                  Tartan 30                       .556
6th                   Bill Smith                         Catalina 30                    .444
7th                   Rob Remme                     Beneteau 30E                .294
8th                   Ed Lockett                       Catalina 320                  .167


PC-Class 3:

1st                   Bob Hebner                    Catalina 250                 .625
                        Warren Lamb                   O’Day 27                        (a)
                        George Brown                  Beneteau 311                  (a)
                        Paul Rovegno                   Precision 185                 (a)
                        Tommy Willis                  Pearson 26                     (a)

(a): Not eligible due to missing 2 or more races

Note: the calculation method for “Batting Average” is explained on our website:, then go to link “Racing Info”, and “Fall Spring Cumulative Scoring“.

Attached is the spreadsheet for the four (4) Spring Series races and the Overall Results for each of the 3 fleets.

Summer Fun Races:  There is interest expressed from several racers to have a few Fun Races this Summer, so I will send an email next week to advise the dates when we can weave them into the WLSC schedule.  Our plan is to have captains from the A-Racer class and some from the PC-2 class be on-board boats of PC-2/3 class captains that would like to get some tips to improve their racing performance; then on the last Fun race in August we will all race our own boats for a tune-up for the Fall Series.  Should be fun.

Fair winds to you,

Dave Gurysh

WLSC Race Captain

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