Posted by: svwindward | 2016-06-08

Summer (and later) Events Update Omnibus

Aaarg, ye scurrilous scallywags!

This is by no means comprehensive, but since there have been some changes and additions to the WLSC summer (and fall) schedule

August 19 (Fri PM) through 21st – “Circumnavigation Cruise – to the ends of the lake and back”. We will start Friday early evening and spend the weekend making a full circuit of the lake, with two nights anchored out. A loose flotilla of boats and a combination of sailing, motoring, dinghying and maybe swimming. See such exotic locations as Roan Creek, the Watauga River Delta and the Elk River. Sailors can join and leave as their schedules and interests dictate, participating in the whole deal or just a tack or two.

September 3 – The Singlehand Race. This will be truly singlehanded – because even someone to talk to, change the playlist or hand you a beer means you ain’t singlehanding – so if weather permits we will try to include several heats to ensure that everyone with an interest in a boat has a chance to sail her.

September 10 (tentative) – Nothing definite yet from the Watauga Lake Cleanup folks, but they are targeting a fall lake cleanup the 2nd weekend in September. We have a race that Saturday afternoon (and I will be in California to squander part of my life on a sailboat in San Francisco Bay), but in years past the cleanup has been a morning event. Last year I was the only WLSCer toting trash. This year it would be great to get a contingent from the club to help.

September 24th – I have tentatively planned an overnight raftup following the race.

October – I’ll set up another overnight rafup in October, probably on the 15th (Eve of the Hunter’s Supermoon. This is also known as the Blood Moon, but no human sacrifice is anticipated), but possibly either the 8th (Draconids meteor showers) or the 22nd (Orionids meteor showers, and in between last fall race and the Commodore’s Cup)

Oct 23 – The Commodore’s Cup Race!


Past Events

June 11th – no activities planned. Lakeshore wants the deck for National Marina Day and may be hiring a band.

June 18 –The Watauga Lake Summer Sailstice Raftup, coinciding with an almost full moon. Location dependent on weather, participation and availability, but it will be someplace accessible to even the largest and smallest boats. This has traditionally been the largest raftup of sailboats every year, open to members and non-members alike. Although let’s face it, how could you possibly delay being a member when we do cool stuff and have this much fun? You can just show up – you may be like that anyway – but best to drop yer Cruise Captain an email and let him know you’re maybe coming, since he needs to find a place with enough beam to accommodate all of us. Avaricious? Looking for swag? Sign up for the Watauga Lake Summer Sailstice Raftup at and get entered in the drawing for prizes.

June 18 – This is also the Fathers Day Regatta. No details, nor a contact, available at present but stay tuned to email and to for details

June 24-26 – the ever-popular Kids Sailing Camp. If one or more of your kids ages 8-16 , or grandkids, or kids you are partial to, want to attend, email Tony Catoe for details at Cost is $60 per kid. You must be a member of WLSC to sponsor an attendee, and must be present during the entire camp.

July 2 – no activities. Lakeshore wants the deck and has hired a band. Most of the Ramones are dead and Marky’s busy, so not sure who they’ve booked.

July 9 – Long Distance Fun Race / Cruise / Overnight (instead of July 3). We’ll do a staggered start pursuit fun race – emphasis on fun – to the bridge, then those who choose to can press on past and raft up somewhere east of the bridge.

July 16 – Veterans Sailing Regatta Coordinated with the VA at Mountain Home. Skippers meeting at 1:00 race at 2:00 you would need to be there at 12:30 so we could match you up with crew. Let Anita know no later than Monday July 11 if you can take a couple Veterans sailing

July 30First Mate’s Special. Billy Becker’s mysterious event showcasing, perhaps even honoring, the First Mates. Details to follow.

August 6-7 – The ever-popular Women’s Sailing Camp. Details to follow.

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