Posted by: svwindward | 2016-07-06

Sat Jul 9 Water Wars Fun Race, Long Distance Cruise and Overnight

This Saturday, July 9, we’ll do a staggered start pursuit fun race – emphasis on fun – to the bridge. All racing is fun (right?), but the fun here will be less subtle: bring water guns,  because boat-to-boat barrages are encouraged in the interests of keeping comfortably cool.  If that sort of thing doesn’t sound like fun – well, this probably isn’t your race.

Skipper’s Meeting is around noon on the sailboat dock, with a staggered start beginning around 12:30.  Why so early?  Because once the race is done, some hearty sailors with an air draft of less than 50.5′ may press on past the bridge, seeing new sites, swimming new spots and, should they choose, eventually rafting up somewhere for the evening.

This event is show-and-go, no RSVP required.  If you want to spend the night, remember to bring 4 or 5 dock lines, a couple of fenders, some food, beverages… all that overnight stuff. And a towel, because some of the racers might be pretty accurate with their water weapons.

As usual, VHF 68 will be our working channel for the events.


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