Posted by: svwindward | 2016-08-05

Watauga Lake Circumnavigation, Sep 30 – Oct 2

pirate_penguin_standing_photo_sculpture-r474a8a5af0a14757b82f7943564fbf3f_x7saw_8byvr_324Aargh, ye drove o’ dock denizens, ye raft o’ reticent readers, ye swarm o’ sailors, ye school o’ sweltering scallywags!

Would you sail to the ends of the earth and back?  Well, maybe the lake? Watauga Lake is big, with more than 45 miles of shoreline, and you’ve probably only seen part of it.  If you will brave the weird and haunted shores at world’s end, then you will need a captain who knows those waters.

Sailor, you’re in luck: WLSC will be circumnavigating Watauga Lake from Friday, September 30 (after work), through Sunday, October 2.  Join us for the Circumwataugation and become a captain who knows those waters.  skull-compass-rose

The Circumwataugation Expeditionary Fleet will depart Lakeshore’s dock Friday September 30 after work (or whatever else you do with your time earlier in the day) and spend the weekend sailing and motoring our way generally clockwise around the navigable limits of the lake, including Roan Creek, Watauga River and Elk River, deploying dinghies and kayaks as needed, anchoring (or tying off) where we find ourselves come sundown, stargazing for a few stragglers from the recent Perseid Meteor Showers, searching for trolls beneath the IMG_2635bridge, taking our meals afloat, surveying previously unvisited coves, swimming as needed to keep our collective chill, perhaps swapping crews here and there, retrieving the occasional floating object, seeing whether the rope swing is still swingable, marveling at the destruction wrought by July 8th’s wind event, and generally reveling in a couple of self-contained days away from the dock.  It’s a full and varied weekend, just like that sentence.

Come for the whole thing, or join us for whatever part you are able.  Leave with the first wave, catch up with us at anchor Friday night, find us on Saturday morning, boogie past the bridge and day sail with us on Sunday: it’s your call. Or just skip it, hear the stories later, and realize you’ve missed out on a lot of fun that people wanted you to be a part of.

The schedule is easy, but it’ll be tough to join us if you can’t find us. Cell service from most providers is spotty to non-existent beyond the bridge, and sometimes sooner.  Hail on VHF 16, working on 68. That’s the ticket. If you don’t have a reliable radio, this is the perfect time to plop down $50 – $90 on a handheld VHF – no installation needed, just charge it up and communicate.  You’ll generally get NOAA Weather Radio built-in, so even if you don’t have much to say on VHF you can get a heads up for freaky thunderstorms.

This is a show-and-go, self-contained, BYOE (bring your own everything) voyage, but drop Jeff, your Cruise Captain, an email if you think you might come.  Prior proper planning and all that.


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