Posted by: svwindward | 2017-05-22

Poker Run, Sunday May 28th

The Poker Run will include Sailboats an Motorboats, meeting at 1:00 on the dock event starts soon after.
I am conducting a Poker Run for sailboats an motorboats after the run the winning hand is determined by event officials
How the Poker Run will be done……
Basic Card Game would be – 5 card draw- (( the draw cards will be the optional cards you can obtain as explained below))
$10.00 entry fee – pay out for the Run would be to the best hand 50% of the total collected
If you purchase something from Lake Shore or Fish Springs Marina save your receipt to get an extra card making you a better hand; you can buy an extra card envelope for $5.00 at the end of the run.
Time limit for the run; starting after the 1:00 meeting and back to the dock no later than 4:00, Their is no
particular order to pick up cards other than start an finish card envelops are mark based on pick up points.
Their will be 52 cards in each box at the pick up points take only one card per boat
All envelopes are to be returned to the dock at the end of the run unopened envelopes will be opened and hands will be recorded by event officials
Start – Meeting on dock 1st card
Lake Shore Marina – (dock)
Captains Table – (dock)
Fish Springs Marina – ( outer dock)
Finish – Back at the dock (last card and optional card can be purchased)
Cruise Captain Billy Becker


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