Posted by: svwindward | 2017-06-08

Spring Series 2017 Results

Ahoy WLSC Racers!

First, a huge THANK YOU! to Russ and Gayle for picking up Committee Boat duties this Spring and to all the Captains and Crew for joining in the fun.

Spring Race #4 was another beautiful day on the Lake, and although the wind held up for a while, for a few of us, it just sputtered out a bit too soon.

In the A-Racers, Sam Shafer and Pat Pritchard pulled into the finish line just 55 seconds apart with impressive times of 1:13:33 for Pat, and 1:14:28 for Sam. With Sam garnishing a 1st place in corrected time.

In the PC-Racers, Rob Remme and crew did it again, with their third 1st Place of the year, and Ed and Sue Lockett persevering to pull off a determined 2nd Place finish.

Now for the Overall Results for the 2016 Spring Series:

Congratulations to the following captains and their crew who finished in the top 3 places in their racing class this Spring!

A-Racers:                                                                    Boat                     Spring Batting Avg. 
                                                                                                                    (Best 3 of 4 races)
1st                   Tony Catoe                              Pearson 30                  .900
2nd                  Sam Shafer                              Morgan 323                .833
3rd                   Wayne Catoe                           Hunter 30                   .700
4th                   Billy Becker                              Catalina 27                   .200

1st                   Rob Remme                             Beneteau 30E              1.000
2nd                  Bob Hebner                             Catalina 250                .750
3rd                   Bill Smith                                Catalina 30                  .526
4th                   Ed & Sue Lockett                      Catalina 320                .500

Note: Racers must participate in 2 or more races, and the calculation method for “Batting Average” is explained on our website: ; then go to link “Racing Info”

The season’s scoring spreadsheet WLSC 2017 Spring Race Results CURRENT – 20170613 is now available!

All the best,
Bob Hebner

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