Posted by: svwindward | 2017-06-13

Summer Sailstice 2017 – June 24-25

Summer Sailstice is a worldwide celebration of sailing, usually on the weekend closest to the summer solstice.

s/v Windward has hosted Summer Sailstice events on Watauga Lake for many years (Windward usually hosts special, double-secret probationary Winter Sailstice events too, but here we digress). Always on Watauga Lake, the exact location varies, plans vary, formality varies, weather varies, attendance varies – the only constant is that we head out, hang out and have fun. This year’s no different. The Watauga Lake Sailstice Raftup 2017 (opens in a new tab) occurs Saturday night, June 24, at a location to be announced – probably the day of the event.

No experience necessary for this family-friendly event! Plan on a raftup, BYO dinner, swimming, and perhaps a campfire on a nearby beach (weather and site permitting). Just bring your smiling face and splendid attitude, something for your dinner and breakfast, whatever you want to drink (and perhaps a titch extra to share) and your overnight gear, plus a couple of fenders and some mooring lines to raft up. If you have an anchor and associated tackle handy, bring that along as well. Bored easily? Like to explore? Bring along that dinghy, or kayak, or SUP, or spiffy double secret underwater propulsion device. Extra points if you can tie a great cleat hitch.

You’ll probably want a VHF radio (handheld will do), because cell service is limited to non-existent once you are past the bridge, and depending upon interest, participation, availability of sweet coves, weather and personal whim, this year’s event may find us east of the bridge, which at full pool of 1960′ has about 51′ of vertical clearance the third vertical out from the south side.

Interested? Questions? Ideas? This would be a perfect time to bump s/v Windward’s skipper, Jeff,  at, or show off your superb radio protocol and hail Windward on VHF 16 (working 68, alt 69) when you’re on the lake. Remember, events are planned for those that  show up (and Windward only buys so many party favors raftup booty), so let him know if you definitely are coming, possibly are coming, or probably are maybe considering it. Or talk to Cruise Captain Billy Becker – bet you’ll see him at the dock this weekend.

NOTE: If you are coming, be sure to also sign up on the Summer Sailstice site.  You’ll need to create an account, but sometimes you win cool swag.  Last year s/v Windward was the proud (and surprised) recipient of a seriously cool MTI PFD. Signing up is not mandatory, but it is if you want to maybe win something.

Fair winds,
s/v Windward

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