Posted by: svwindward | 2017-11-14

2017 Race Results

From Race Captain Bob Hebner:

The 2017 Commodores Cup:

1st Place: Billy Becker and crew
2nd Place: Rob Remme and crew
3rd Place: Bill Murdoch and crew
4th Place: Dave Gurysh and crew
5th Place: Marc Nachman and crew

2017 Fall Series

A-Racers Series

First Place:Marc Nachman and crew
Second Place: Billy Becker and crew
Third Place: Wayne Catoe and crew

Performance Cruisers Series

1st Place: Rob Remme and crew
2nd Place: Bill Murcoch and crew
3rd Place:  Dave Gurysh and crew

An updated PDF 2017-Fall-4_CommodoresCup_2017-Fall-Series-Race-Stats is attached.

The 2017 Bill Murdoch Past Commodores Cup Challenge

Back in March, Skipper Sam Shafer and crew members James Little and Dean Isham accomplished a 40:24 circumnavigation of the island that starts and ends at the Lakeshore Marina buoy line.

“With 5-10 gusting 15, out of the wnw had a good reach down with the 155% and the full main, coming back up we could have used a reef in the main as we were way over powered and sailed up mainly under the 155 with the main flogging, made it all the way from the north side of the island to the finish line on one tack.”

Congratulations to Sam and crew for their winning time!

Again, a big thank you to everyone for their friendship, helpfulness, and understanding!

All the best,


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