Posted by: svwindward | 2017-11-14

Greetings from Commodore Bob Hebner

Greetings to All WLSC Members!

First a huge thank-you to Anita for her coordination of a terrific Fall Meeting atop Roan Mountain at the Triple J Barn…a spectacular event to capstone two amazing years as Commodore!

Second, during the Meeting, WLSC elected an all new officer roster for 2018:

Commodore – Bob Hebner
Vice Commodore – Monika Wiedmann
Race Captain – Sam Shafer
Cruise Captain – Billy Becker
Secretary – Robert Banks
Treasurer – Betsy Austin

We’re all very excited about 2018 and we will doing our best to keep up the great work Anita and her team did over the last couple of years.

If you have any comments or ideas for your new officer team, please feel free to email me anytime.

And last but not least, for all you Race Fans, the 2nd Annual Turkey Trot race is next weekend:

Saturday 11/18/2017
Skippers Meeting at 12:00
Race Start: 1:00

Race Captain Sam, will be laying out Course and Start details at the Skippers meeting. If you’re looking for an opportunity crew and get out on the lake, come on down!
All the best and more to follow…

Commodore Bob

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