Posted by: svwindward | 2018-05-04

Sat May 5 – Race #3 and Potluck

Ahoy Sailors!! Cross your fingers, the snow is gone! Here’s a snapshot of what is in-store for you at WLSC:

1. Race and Potluck this coming weekend!!! Patty G. has volunteered to do an amazing Cinco de Mayo main dish of soft shell tacos and has 3 yummy cakes waiting to be eaten. Everyone should bring a potluck side dish with the exception of the entree and dessert. As usual, the charge will be $3 …SEE YOU THERE!

2. In case you haven’t heard, we had a very interesting Race the weekend before last. Sam S. had Marc N.’s boat going so fast…he got pulled over right at the Starting line! I found out later, through direct experience, it was not for speeding. Please be sure to update your Registration and stickers…the fines are hefty! Along the same lines, be sure to have an annual inspection done, contact Ed Lockett or Bill Smith.

3. There is no time like right now to Pay your Dues!

4. We now have two new Dock Carts and one recently refurbished cart…YEA!

5. GENERAL MEETING NOTICE…We will hold our Spring Annual Members Meeting after Race #4 on the DECK on May 19th at 4:30PM

6. WOMEN’S SAILING CAMP! Betsy Austin has graciously volunteered to coordinate this year’s event…more to follow…THANK YOU BETSY!

All the best,


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