Posted by: svwindward | 2018-10-17

Great weekend on the lake! Oct 20-21 2018

It’s that time again race fans!  FOUR UPDATES THIS WEEK:

1st: Fall Race # 4, Saturday, October 20th, 1:00 Skippers Meeting, 2:00 Start (watch for updates from Dave G.)

2nd: Following the race, we’re planning on getting real soupy!!

Main Course: Your choice of delicious Panera Bread Tortilla Soup or Cream of Broccoli. Bring a suitable side dish for what is looking like a brisk Fall day!

3rd: Live from Watauga Lake, It’s Saturday Night!  As the sun goes down and the moon comes up…. it’s time for Billy Becker’s Bedtime Night Sail…a crisp night sail followed by huddling around the heaters on the dock, and just maybe tell a few tall sailing tales!  Like, I’m remembering once, when our trusty vessel La Bateau transformed right before our eyes, and became…tune in Saturday Night to find out more

4th: The annual Commodore’s Cup Race at 10AM on SUNDAY Morning the 21st.  Skippers meeting at 10AM, Starting horn at 11AM.  Course TBD at skippers meeting.

Sail On My Friends!
Commodore Bob



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