Posted by: svwindward | 2018-11-29

Fall 2018 Race Results

Ahoy WLSC Sailors!

If you missed the General Meeting and Awards Dinner on Saturday November 10, the Overall Results of the Fall Racing Series are shown below.

We had a total of 30 captains and their crew participate in the 4 races this Fall.  The winds were very light for one race causing a shortened race, steady for 2 races, and strong for the last race.  All in all, we had a great time racing.

Congratulations to the following captains and their crew who finished in the top 2 places for Overall Fall Series in their respective racing classes! Batting Average is based on each skippers best 3 races.


Place Skipper Boat Batting Avg
1st Skip Greene J24 .818
2nd Peter Catoe Borresen BB10 .571
Billy Becker Catalina 27 (a)
Scott Fagley Pearson 30 (a)
Marc Nachman Olson 30 (a)
John Rice Ultimate 20 (a)



Place Skipper Boat Batting Avg
1st Rob Remme Beneteau 30E 1.000 (Won all 4 races)
T 2nd Bob Hebner Catalina 250 .750
T 2rd Dave Gurysh Catalina 30 .750
4th John Middaugh Catalina 30 .444
5th Ed Lockett Catalina 320 .231
Bill Murdoch Tanzer 22 (a)
Tommy Willis Pearson 28 (a)

(a): Not Eligible, due to missing 2 or more races

Note: the calculation method for “Batting Average” is explained on our website:; then go to link “Racing Info”, and “Fall Spring Cumulative Scoring”.

Congrats to Skip Greene and his crew for their steady performance all year to capture 1st place Overall Year 2018 in the A-Racer class!  

Congrats also to Rob and Anita Remme who were presented a beautiful “Most Improved Racing Team” trophy by Wayne and Danielle Catoe in memory of their son Tony Catoe.

Here’s the WLSC-2018-Fall-Series-Results spreadsheet for the 4 races and the Overall Results for the 2018 Fall Series.  There are tabs also for the results of the 2018 Frostbite Race, Commodore’s Cup, and the pre-Thanksgiving Turkey Trot.

In signing off, please give your full support to Rob Remme, our newly elected Race Captain.

Sail On My Friends!

Dave Gurysh
WLSC Commodore

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