Posted by: svwindward | 2019-02-19

WLSC Lower Chesapeake Cruise, May 30 – June 7, 2019

Cruise Captain Russ Veldman asked me to send his write-up below of the results of his survey and his subsequent Plan for the 2019 WLSC Cruise of the Lower Chesapeake between May 30 thru June 7.  Seven (7) sailboats from 33′ to 51′ long are available for charter from Norton Yachts out of Deltaville, VA.  If interested in this cruise adventure, you will need to contact Norton Yachts directly (phone # in website below) to make arrangements for your specific charter dates, boat selection, provisions, etc. and submit a Bareboat Charter Application to Norton Yachts to see if they approve you as a captain for a bareboat charter.

As I understand, the boats will be chartered on a first come-first served basis once approved.  As per below, Russ and Gayle have reserved one of the seven boats, from May 31 to June 7.  If you desire, you could start a day earlier and charter for a minimum of 3 days or 4-7 days if you wish.  It’s up to you.  Russ advised me that the price range shown below for each boat is for a 3 day to 7 day charter.  Please call Norton Yachts to confirm pricing, including that for number of charter days between 3 and 7 days.  After you confirm your reservation with Norton Yachts, please contact Russ Veldman ( so he knows who plans to go on this cruise.  And thanks to Cruise Captain Russ for setting up this cruise plan for our club.

Sail on my friends,
Commodore Dave

From Russ:

Just about everybody’s choice was the Chesapeake in late May/early June. With that in mind, I contacted Norton Yachts ( and spoke to Lynn. (Be sure to identify yourself as part of Sailing club in Tennessee.) She will give us free sleep aboard the day before and the day after our cruise.  Depending on the number of boats chartered, she will give additional discounts (probably 5%).

My plan is to charter for seven days, but You can charter 3, 4, 5, 0r 6 days.

Dates — arrive on May 30 for free sleep aboard and begin charter on Friday, May 31.  End charter on June 7, 2019 with enough time to return and participate in Veterans regatta on June 8, 2019 (if that is in your plans) or earlier if that is your plan.

All their sailboats are available on the 29th through the 8th except Func349. Func 349 is only available until June 5, 2019.

I have reserved Audacia for May 30 thru June 7.

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