Posted by: svwindward | 2019-09-09

Labor Day 2019 Weekend Wrapup

Ahoy WLSC sailors!

The sunny weather could not have been nicer for the weekend events.  We had a fantastic turnout of 49 people for the delicious salmon dinner on Saturday evening!  Many thanks to Dennis Anthony and Alex Lindsay for cooking the salmon to perfection, Billy and Sue Becker for the preparing the baked potatoes and potatoe salad, Patti Gurysh for bringing the cole slaw and salad, and the W. Catoe’s, Lockett’s, Remme’s, Rice’s, and Frensley’s for providing the delicious desserts.  And thanks to all those who helped set-up and clean-up the deck after the dinner.

During the afternoon prior to the dinner, it was white-capping on the lake and several members were out cruising.  Monika Boggs even had her Laser out for 3 hours enjoying the ideal sailing conditions.

On Sunday at noon, Bill Murdoch, Billy Becker, Clarke Lucas, and Brandon Bragg set-up the buoy line near the dam for the afternoon raft-up.  Members hiked up to the top of the dam for a picnic dinner and to take in the beautiful views in the early evening.  They later retired to their boats for an overnight raft-up.  All in all, ~17 people participated in the raft-up and/or the picnic on the dam.  Many thanks to Bill for organizing this event.

Sail On My Friends!
Commodore Dave

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