Posted by: tvasailor | 2020-01-03

20th Frostbite Race!

Content:  Weather, Captains Participating, Winners, News Links, Horn Failure’

We had great wind (>10 mph) and temperatures in the mid 40’s yesterday for the race.  Probably some of the best conditions that we have experienced in the 20 year history of the race.  The following link shows the weather profile.

I was worried that not many people would participate, but was pleasantly surprised!  12 boats started and finished the race.  Captains participating were Mike Johnson, Bob Hebner, Jeff Arnfield, Billy Becker, Brandon Bragg, Carter Quillen, Skip Green, Bill Murdoch, Warren Lamb, G. Weber, Wayne Catoe, Bill Smith.

Congratulations to all who participated and their hearty crew!  For the first time, we split the race into two classes:  the “A-racers” and the “PC-Cruisers.”  These same classifications are used in our Spring/Fall Race series.  The winners were:

“A-Racers”: 1st Skip Greene, 2nd Billy Becker, 3rd Wayne Catoe

“PC-Cruisers”:  1st Carter Quillen, 2nd Bill Murdoch, 3rd Brandon Bragg

We had excellent TV and newspaper coverage the week preceding and the day of the race.  I have included a small sampling in the links below.  The first shows video coverage by Angelique Arintok from WCYB from Dennis Anthony’s boat with some commentary by Alex Lindsay.

Unfortunately, when I tried to blow the start horn, the temperature of the gas was too low and no useful signal was heard by captains.  Very Sad..  Next time a whistle and flag backup will be used.  We were able to pass the time on by haling, but I know it did cause some of you to start late and please accept my apologies.  Thanks for your patience.

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