Posted by: tvasailor | 2020-04-28

New Email for Club Announcments/Club Status

I have created a new Gmail account for sending club announcements.  Unfortunately, many users have settings that block emails from this address.

Be sure to allow to be viewed.  Note there is a “period” in the address.  One can also send me email at this address.

We don’t have any activities currently planned, but hopefully, things will change in the near future and we will inform you of updates.

Due to family and business conflicts, Scott Fagley has stepped down as Commodore.  We hope that he will have more time in the future and will join us for races and other activities.

Billy Becker, Vice Commodore, has assumed the responsibilities of Commodore.  We really appreciate Billy being willing to serve in this capacity as “Acting Commodore.”

I am taking over the email distribution for the club, so be sure to tell me if there are any problems.

James Little
Race Captain

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