Posted by: tvasailor | 2020-06-14

Fun Race Results and New Member at Large

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Thanks to Brandon Bragg for serving our club as Member at Large.

There will be no Sunday Race, the weather forecast looks poor.

We had 8 boats for the Friday race.  We sailed from the point outside Lakeshore Marina to the area near Watauga Point (~1.6 nautical miles round trip).  The wind was good at times, but often dropped to a very small breeze.  However, most boats finished the course in less than an hour.

Captains finished the race in this order when times were corrected for boat handicaps:

Greg Henry, James Little, Bob Henber, Bill Becker, Marc Nachman.

Many thanks to Bill Murdoch for setting the marks, Bill and Adair Murdoch plus Sandra Little for committee boat, Brandon Bragg, Dave Gurysh, and Bill Murdoch for retrieving the marks.

The WLSC schedule has been drastically altered this year, but it was very nice to be out on the water with friends today!

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