Posted by: tvasailor | 2020-06-23

Morning East Wind on Watauga Lake


I have routinely over the years noted a very nice east wind in the morning on Watauga Lake.  Especially in the area near Lakeshore Marina.  It is a wind formed from differential heating of the hills and the water.

The wind is from the east and fairly constant from ~7:30 am to around 9:30-10:30 pm.  After that, it normally either dies until after lunch and/or changes to the prevalent wind for the day.

In the summer, it is a delightful time to sail from temperature point and significantly decrease in motorized traffic.  A nice time to have a quiet sail, tune ones rigging, or even race.

Give it a try sometime!  Hope you will join me.

Links to Lake Breezes:



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