Updates above. Short version:
Nothing is happening this weekend!
Spring Race #1, Post-race dinner and Spring Meeting are all cancelled.

Quick Watson, Spring is afoot! It might take Sherlock Holmes to find us temps above 45 :).

Three opportunities this coming weekend on Saturday, April 7th

First, It’s Race Time!  Race Captain Sam will be sending details shortly.

Second, It’s Dinner Time! 

Following the race, Patti Gurysh and a few other members are planning to serve beef stroganoff over noodles with several veggies and desserts for a celebration of our first dinner of 2018.   Only $5 for a full course amazing meal!  No need to bring a dish, just a hungry crew!

Third, Our WLSC Annual Spring Meeting directly following the Dinner.

All the best,

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Race Committee Volunteers needed

Hello Everyone,

As we approach the start of the Spring Racing series we need to get volunteers for the Committee boat and setting out marks.  All racers are encouraged to volunteer to help facilitate this year’s racing program.

Without a committee boat the racing does not happen.
If the marks do not get set we have nothing to race around.
Spring Race  #1 4-7-18  Sam Shafer
Spring Race  #2 4-21-18
Spring Race  #3 5-5-18
Spring Race  #4 5-19-18
Spring Race (make-up/fun race) 5-26-18

Summer Race #1 7-7-18
Summer Race #2 7-21-18
Summer Race #3 8-4-18
Summer Race #4 8-18-18

Fall Race #1 9-8-18
Fall Race #2 9-22-18
Fall Race #3 10-6-18
Fall Race #4 10-20-18
Fall Race (make-up/fun race) 10-27-18

If you have questions about Committee Boat duty or setting out the marks I will be happy to answer them.

Sam Shafer
WLSC Race Captain

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Summer Sailstice Circumnavigation: June 22-24!

Druid preening, ospreys!

Summer Sailstice this year is officially June 23 (yes, that’s a couple of days behind the actual solstice).  How will you spend it? Would you sail to the ends of the earth and back? How about something a little less ambitious, like the end of the lake? It’s not global, but Watauga Lake is big, with more than 45 miles of shoreline, and you’ve probably only seen part of it. If you will brave the weird and haunted shores at Watauga’s end, then you will need a captain who knows those waters.
skull-compass-roseSailor, you’re in luck: This year’s Summer Sailstice celebrants will circumnavigate Watauga Lake from Friday, June 22 (after work), through Sunday, June 24. At Commodore Bob’s request, S/V Windward is Summer Sailsticing for WLSC once again. Join us and become a captain who knows those waters.  Come for the whole thing, or join us for whatever part you are able. Leave with the first wave, catch up with us at anchor Friday night, or find us on Saturday morning, or boogie past the bridge and day sail with us on Sunday: it’s your call. Or just skip it, hear the stories later, and realize you’ve missed out on a lot of fun that people wanted you to be a part of.

More details to follow, but now’s the time to mark that calendar, stick that note on the refrigerator, put the entry in Google Docs. It’s also a great time to register for boffo prizes at https://www.summersailstice.com/event/watauga-lake-summer-sailstice-circumnavigation. You don’t have to enter to participate,  but the whole free prize thing is pretty compelling.

Fair Winds!
s/v Windward

UPDATE from Commodore Bob:

We were unable to pull together a Saint Patty Party together, but will continue to work on the fun!

Also, when we put the calendar together some time ago, I did not realize the Mentor Race event was on Easter weekend, so we will be rescheduling and get you an update shortly.

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Hello Sailors!

Although I was traveling and missed the stunning warm weather that made all the trees bloom, it’s beginning to feel a lot like SPRING here in East Tennessee!

We have two events currently scheduled.

The first being a possible St. Patty’s Deck Party on 3/17If you’d like to plan and coordinate this event, email me….quick.

Second up on the list, is a Mentors Race and Clinic on 3/31.  The goal would be to have a short “Racing Made Easy” clinic followed by a Race where an experienced Skipper would sail on your vessel with you, or you could elect to Ride and Learn on seasoned Skipper’s vessel…your call.  Two easy steps:

  1. If you are an available seasoned Racer, email me letting me know you can join in the fun on 3/31.
  2. If you’d like to attend the Racing Made Easy clinic and go for a sail, email me letting me know if you’d like to Race with a skipper or have a Skipper join you aboard your boat.

I’ll connect skippers and crew and send out details by 3/15.

Sail On My Friends!

Commodore Bob

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TN Safe Boating Course, Mar 20&22

This month the JCSPS/TCBC will assist the TWRA by presenting to the public their Boating Safety course.

The two-part course runs from 5:30 – 8:00 PM on March 20 & 22 at Northeast State Community College in the Library Building,  Room L-106.

If you have any one in your family under the age of about 30, they must carry the Tennessee Boating Safety Education Certificate with them while operating a power boat in Tennessee (this includes a Sailboat, under power, with an engine OVER 7.5 HP).

This FREE two evening class will help you pass the EXAM.  (EXAM cost is $10)

See the  full story & signup details!

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2018 Schedule

From Commodore Bob Hebner:

Greetings Sailors!!

Attached are the Race and Event 2018 schedules. We still need some volunteers to head up Potlucks and some of the Special Events….Take a look at the schedule and email me if you would like to coordinate and organize one of the events.

As this is my first shot at this, please feel free to email or call me with any suggestions.



2018 Season Race and Event Calendar

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Jack Crowder Past Commodore’s Challenge Race

Hello Watauga lake sailors.

The 2018 edition of the Past Commodores Challenge is in honor of Jack Crowder, who served as the WLSC Commodore in 1989.

Notice of Race: Jack Crowder Past Commodore’s Challenge(JCPCC).

Details: This is a self-timed and self-reported race.  Any day, anytime, any boat, any skipper, any crew, any sail configuration, race as many times as you like!  Times must be recorded to the second.  Engine must be off when boat crosses the buoy line.

Course: Starting from the buoy line at Lake Shore Marina down around the island, skippers’ choice as to rounding direction, and back to the buoy line.

Dates of JCPCC: February 1 ,2018 to November 1, 2018

Time of race: Any time.

Submitting an entry:  After completing the course please email the Race Captain the following information. (Multiple runs can be submitted in one email.)

To: wlscracecaptain@aol.com
Subject: JCPCC Time
Elapsed Time: Hours/Minutes/Seconds
Other details of the run:

Scoring: PHRF Time on Distance will be used to calculated corrected finish times.  Leader board will be posted on the website. (link will be sent out when results are submitted)

This would be a good chance to try out other boats, sail with different skippers and crews, pick up sail trim tips, and helming tips.

Reminder: it is each skipper’s own decision whether to participate or not.  Skippers should take into consideration; anticipated conditions, capabilities of boat and crew, skippers own skill and comfort level and any other considerations that the skipper deems pertinent to determine whether to participate in the JCPCC and/or to continue racing in the JCPCC once race/run has started.

The Race Captain encourages skippers and crew to wear life jackets.

Useful Links:
Captain’s Table Web cam:

Weather and wind:

Sam Shafer
Race Captain

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Frostbite Race and non-potluck nosh

Happy New year to everyone!

We had a great Frostbite Race! Winds were 5-10 and the temp might have reached 20F. We had approximately 22 people on 7 boats and 2 boat that had never raced before.

Congratulations to Jim Little and crew on a very well sailed race.
1. Jim Little, Holder 20
2. Billy Becker, Catalina 27
3. Carter Quillen, San Juan 21
4. Sam Shafer, J22
5. Tommy Willis, Pearson 26
6. Jeff Arnfield, Chrysler 26
7. Rod Fisher, Watkins 23XL

I would like to thank everyone who came out.

I would like to thank Billy Becker for bringing coffee and donuts for before the race.

I would also like to thank those who provided food and hot drinks on the deck for the Non-potluck nosh after the race; Jeff and Laura Arnfield for bringing the chicken and white bean chili, hot cider with rum, hot chocolate with peppermint schnapps and making hot water, Bill Murdoch for bringing cookies, cider, rum, and the electric kettle, and Josh and Tonya Hinkle for the potato soup.

We had a great time rehashing the race and catching up with some hot beverages and nosh.

We missed everyone that could not attend and hope to see you at future races.

Sam Shafer
Race Captain

Want more details of the bona fide badness? Check out the front page coverage by the Johnson City Press.  Or WJHL’s coverage (stills only).


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Next Mark – Frostbite Race Jan 1

Seasons Greeting WLSC Racers,
This the NOR (Notice of Race) for the New Year’s Day Frostbite Race.

New Year’s Day 01-01-2018

Prelude: Coffee and cookies on the deck at 11:00
Sign up online or on the deck by 12:30
Skippers meeting on the deck at 1:00 PM
Race Start 2:00 PM
Potluck on the deck between 4 and 5, depending on Race Conditions

This will be a pursuit race. The course will be around the Island and back. The staggered start times will be provided at the skippers meeting. If you are planning on racing please let Race Captain Sam Shafer know, sign up by replying by email and letting me know of your intent to race, so that I can work on the start times ahead of time. For those of you looking for crew or to be crew please let me know and pass the information along.

Reminder, it is each skippers own decision whether to participate or not. Skippers should take into consideration anticipated conditions, capabilities of boat and crew, skippers own skill and comfort level and any other considerations that the skipper deems pertinent to determine whether to participate in the Frostbite race and/or to continue racing once the Frostbite race has started.

The Race Captain encourages skippers and crew to wear life jackets as the water is getting cold.

Traditionally there has been a nosh after the race. This year we’ll start with a big pot of coffee, cocoa, and cookies before the race.

Commodore Bob Hebner says the post-race potluck will kick off with a supersized pot of chili for our main course. Bring any dish you like, your favorite recipe chili, savory hot soups, and of course desserts.

Sam Shafer

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Last Mark – Turkey Trot Race

We had 9 boats start the Turkey Trot Race, with 8 boats finishing. Congratulations to Tony Catoe and crew for picking up the win.

1 Tony Catoe
2 Jim Little
3 Rob Remmy
4 Billy Becker
5 Tommy Willis
6 Bob Heber
7 Jeff Arnfield
8 George Brown
DNF Todd Parrish

See attached 2017 Turkey Trot Race results sheet for start and finish times.

Hope to see everyone at the Frostbite Race on January 1, 2018.

Sam Shafer

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