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Lakeshore Round the Island Challenge


Lakeshore has graciously offered to sponsor our first annual “Round the Island Challenge.”  The challenge will run for approximately a year and prizes will be gift certificates for meals at the Captain’s Table at the resort.  See the following link for details.

In the past we had a “Commodore’s Challenge”, but multiple fleet winners were not determined and no prizes were offered.  Hope to see you out on the water giving it a try!

Lakeshore Round the Island Challenge

Here are the results to date, be sure to click on WLSC Challenge Tab on bottom of Spreadsheet.

Results to Date

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Fall Race Schedule

We have finalized the Fall Race Schedule.  We will employ a committee boat for these races.  The link to the schedule is shown below:

Fall Schedule Link

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Range Markers for Fun Race Start


Many thanks to Bill Murdoch for “manufacturing” and installing our range markers.  These will be used as the “start line” for our Fun Races and other related events.  We will still use a committee boat for Spring and Fall races series.

The following link shows how the marks are employed as a starting line.  The major difference is that the person steering the boat is the starting point for the boat and not the bow as is the standard in previous Fun Races.  To keep the line somewhat narrower, one must be able to clearly discern the red lines on the markers with the naked eye.

Range Start Line Instructions



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Morning East Wind on Watauga Lake


I have routinely over the years noted a very nice east wind in the morning on Watauga Lake.  Especially in the area near Lakeshore Marina.  It is a wind formed from differential heating of the hills and the water.

The wind is from the east and fairly constant from ~7:30 am to around 9:30-10:30 pm.  After that, it normally either dies until after lunch and/or changes to the prevalent wind for the day.

In the summer, it is a delightful time to sail from temperature point and significantly decrease in motorized traffic.  A nice time to have a quiet sail, tune ones rigging, or even race.

Give it a try sometime!  Hope you will join me.

Links to Lake Breezes:



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Marine Electrical Resource Link


While looking for marine electrical systems info I ran across this site.  Its a full service marine electrical/electronics outfit in Vancouver that has generated an extensive how to video library on all aspects of marine electrical systems.  They cover a lot of ground but lectures are geared toward the technically oriented boat owner and not necessarily electrical engineers and technicians.   I thought others in the club might find it worth a look.

Greg Henry

Pacific Yacht Systems

Sail Course Offered

Monday evenings between June 29 and August 17, 2020
from 6:00 PM until dusk
The Sail Dock at Lakeshore Marina on Watauga Lake
Anybody with a desire to learn about sailing
$125 per student
The textbook and exam are included with the cost
This course will include both a classroom and an on-water component.  Each week we will meet to go over the course work and then take to the water in USPS approved sailboats to practice the skills just learned.
Students will need to bring and wear their own
approved Personal Flotation Devices (life jackets)
during the on water portions of the class.
Sail is a course created to serve the needs of the novice and experienced sailor, as well as the non-sailor, for basic skills and knowledge. The course starts with basic sailboat designs and nomenclature, rigging, safety, and sail processes and then tackles the physical aspects of sailing forces and techniques, sail applications, marlinespike, helmsmanship and handling of more difficult sailing conditions, navigation rules, and an introduction to heavy weather sailing.
For more information contact:
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Fun Race Results and New Member at Large

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Thanks to Brandon Bragg for serving our club as Member at Large.

There will be no Sunday Race, the weather forecast looks poor.

We had 8 boats for the Friday race.  We sailed from the point outside Lakeshore Marina to the area near Watauga Point (~1.6 nautical miles round trip).  The wind was good at times, but often dropped to a very small breeze.  However, most boats finished the course in less than an hour.

Captains finished the race in this order when times were corrected for boat handicaps:

Greg Henry, James Little, Bob Henber, Bill Becker, Marc Nachman.

Many thanks to Bill Murdoch for setting the marks, Bill and Adair Murdoch plus Sandra Little for committee boat, Brandon Bragg, Dave Gurysh, and Bill Murdoch for retrieving the marks.

The WLSC schedule has been drastically altered this year, but it was very nice to be out on the water with friends today!

Posted by: tvasailor | 2020-05-25

WLSC Constitution and By-Laws Update

Several changes were approved at the Fall Meeting in 2019.  I have put copies of the constitution on the website in both PDF and Word format.  The latter will be useful if new changes are made in the future.

PDF Format:


Word Format:


Below are the changes requested from the minutes:

Attached are subject minutes submitted today by Monika Boggs.  Please note and take action on the motion by Bill Murdoch shown at the bottom of page 1 to add “John and Billie Middaugh” to the Honorary Founders Lifetime Membership list in the Constitution, Article III, Section 2.  This motion was carried unanimously by the 42 members present.

We should also effect a motion in attached minutes from the 2017 Fall General Meeting to add the Outgoing Commodore to the Executive Board.  After I became Commodore for 2019, Bob Hebner, Commodore in 2018, asked me to have this done during my tenure. Therefore I asked Jeff in a recent email on Nov 6 to amend Article VI of the Constitution with wording according to the motion as follows:  “The outgoing Commodore will also serve on the Executive Board as a mentor; this position would be voluntary, not mandatory, and non-voting.”  This wording should be added right after the first sentence “The officers and Member-At-Large shall constitute the Executive Board.”

Dave Gurysh
Commodore 2019


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