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Ever wondered about Watauga Lake’s back story?

Jim Little did some research (and filed a Freedom Of Information Act request) and found the “Comprehensive Report on the Planning, Design, Construction, Initial Operations and Costs of Four Hydro Projects in the Holston Basin at the Eastern Tip of Tennessee. Improvement of the Minor Wilbur Projeet in the Same Area is Included as an Appendix.”

The Upper Holston Project

YouTube Video, “The WLSC Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything”


Brochures for Older Boats from Bill Murdoch

Nice Article on Jeff Arnfield’s Adventures on Windward, Outer Banks, NC


Anchoring Out on Watauga Lake (6/2010)

Jeff Arnfield presented an informative presentation several years ago on this topic:

The Happy Hooker – Anchoring on Watauga Lake – Jeff Arnfield 2007-04

UK-Halsey Site (6/10):

Lot of Useful Sailing Information, Rules Test, etc.  Can subscribe to their newsletter:

Understanding Apparent Wind (6/10)

Winning Races on Lakes (6/10)


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