Posted by: tvasailor | 2020-05-25

WLSC Constitution and By-Laws Update

Several changes were approved at the Fall Meeting in 2019.  I have put copies of the constitution on the website in both PDF and Word format.  The latter will be useful if new changes are made in the future.

PDF Format:


Word Format:


Below are the changes requested from the minutes:

Attached are subject minutes submitted today by Monika Boggs.  Please note and take action on the motion by Bill Murdoch shown at the bottom of page 1 to add “John and Billie Middaugh” to the Honorary Founders Lifetime Membership list in the Constitution, Article III, Section 2.  This motion was carried unanimously by the 42 members present.

We should also effect a motion in attached minutes from the 2017 Fall General Meeting to add the Outgoing Commodore to the Executive Board.  After I became Commodore for 2019, Bob Hebner, Commodore in 2018, asked me to have this done during my tenure. Therefore I asked Jeff in a recent email on Nov 6 to amend Article VI of the Constitution with wording according to the motion as follows:  “The outgoing Commodore will also serve on the Executive Board as a mentor; this position would be voluntary, not mandatory, and non-voting.”  This wording should be added right after the first sentence “The officers and Member-At-Large shall constitute the Executive Board.”

Dave Gurysh
Commodore 2019


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